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Concealed Firearms Certified InstructorAt Genesis Firearms we specialize in the Utah Concealed Firearm Permit course.

Our Utah course program is an all-inclusive one-stop shop. We do the finger printing, passport photos, notary service and required training. Notary is available to aid our customers with the paperwork for Maryland's Designated Collector affidavit, and any other State's concealed firearm permit application which may require notary. The training for a Utah Concealed Firearm Permit is a lecture-only course. We schedule frequent Utah permit classes so we can easily accommodate large or small groups. You may also request classes at your location. There is a 5-person minimum for private Utah permit classes.

The State of Utah has made several changes to their concealed firearm permit laws. "One major change in the new law is regarding some non-resident applicants for the Utah concealed firearm permit. IF a non-resident applicant is from a state that either has formal reciprocity agreement with Utah or recognizes the Utah concealed firearm permit, the applicant must hold and provide proof of a current concealed firearm or concealed weapon permit issued by the applicant's state of residency upon application for the Utah concealed firearm permit. This change will not affect those applicants who reside in a state that does not have formal reciprocity or recognition with Utah, i.e. California, New York, Maryland, Kansas, etc."

All applications received after May 10, 2011 will be required to submit new fees and a copy of that states' concealed firearm permit or concealed weapon permit, if applicable. Regarding fees, in-state (Utah) concealed firearm permit applicants will be charged $46.00. Out of state applicants will be charged $51.00. All renewal applications will be charged $15.00.

One-on-One personal firearms instruction is also available.

We constantly strive to allow you to learn and apply only the best of shooting basics so that you can be successful and enjoy your shooting future!

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